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Cleaning yellowed plastics #retrobright

Category: Retro-Computing

I've recently bought a Commodore 64 on eBay. It was everything than beautiful.

c64 before cleaning

1. Disassembling

For cleaning all parts accurate, I suggest to disassemble the device.

2. Surface cleaning

It's amazing what I've achieved with the combination of isopropyl alcohol ( and some pressure. For removing some remaining darker flaws I usualy take baking soda.

3. Brighting yellowed parts

For retrobrighting I prefer brushing some hydrogen peroxide ( on the relevant parts. After that I wrap those with transparent foil. Normally I would put them directly into the sun afterwards (for about 8 hours), but a classic light bulb or uv-light will also do the trick - but will may take longer.

Commodore 64 after cleaning