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Category: Linux

After adding online accounts in Gnome Settings mounts did not show up in filemanager (Nautilus).

Category: Crypto Currencies
crypto currencies

ULTC is an Ethereum based currency that was created to track the Intrinsic Value of the Ultimate Indicator.

Category: IT-Stuff

I've spent a lot of time in improving my website's performance. Somehow I've made it down to about 120ms to completely render the page with Google Chrome. In this post I would like to explain what I've done exactly.

Category: HTML & CSS

The Integration of Fontawesome for one single sign may is not that useful. Hence I was looking for an alternative without using any external ressources.

Category: IT-Stuff

I've recently registered a Microsoft Azure account and received a balance of 170€ (~ 200 USD) for testing purposes. The test credits of the Microsoft Azure test account are limited to one month. Means: If you do not know how to spend those, you may could use them for crypto coin mining.

Category: Retro-Computing

I've recently bought a Power Mac G4 on eBay. When powering on - all I get were 3 beeps. There was no video output.

Category: Retro-Computing

Plastic tends to yellow over time. Here I want to explain how to bright it.

Category: Retro-Computing

I've recently bought a "Toshiba Tecra 500s" 90's notebook on eBay. The contained hard drive still was working fine, but I needed a solution for easily sharing my files with this device, because I do not own a single floppy drive anymore.

Category: Site-News
site news

Within the last days I've spent some time to quickly translate most of the older posts into english.

Category: PHP

This is a short introduction how to setup XDebug-Remote-Debugging with PHPStorm.

Category: Debian

It is absolutely recommended to perform security updates immediately. Here I want to demonstrate how this can be automated using "unattended-upgrades".

Category: Shopware

During christmas holidays in 2016 I've been working on the first version of my docker container for shopware development.