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Category: Retro-Computing

I've recently bought a "Toshiba Tecra 500s" 90's notebook on eBay. The contained hard drive still was working fine, but I needed a solution for easily sharing my files with this device, because I do not own a single floppy drive anymore.

Category: Site-News

Within the last days I've spent some time to quickly translate most of the older posts into english.

Category: PHP

This is a short introduction how to setup XDebug-Remote-Debugging with PHPStorm.

Category: Debian

It is absolutely recommended to perform security updates immediately. Here I want to demonstrate how this can be automated using "unattended-upgrades".

Category: Shopware

During christmas holidays in 2016 I've been working on the first version of my docker container for shopware development.

Category: Linux

As I recently tried to define some apparmor rules on Ubuntu 16.04. I realized that the service was not working properly.

Category: Linux

By default the root user is permitted to login by using password when connecting via ssh. After checking my fail2Ban-Log I always get the feeling, that it absolutely makes sense to deactivate this authentification type.

Category: Git

The gogs developers are distributing packages via for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. Updates can be easily handled that way.

Category: MySQL

For optimizing a website's performance it might be helpful to identify slow queries. To activate the slow query log your database user needs to have permission to set global variables.

Category: Git

Gogs (Go Git Service) is a painless self-hosted Git service.

Category: IT-Stuff

I recenlty wrote a simple Chrome-Extension for checking the Availability of my websites.

Category: Jira

If you like to run Jira behind a reverse-proxy you'll need to make the following changes to the Tomcat-Configuration.

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